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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Gettysburg Mission Trip Photos :-)

Some pics from the first day of REACH Youth Mission Team in Gettysburg, you may not recognize all of the kids, we are all on crews with LOTS of different people. 
Lots of HARD work, but we are all loving serving who He serves andP loving who He loves!
Prayers for energy, stamina and patience appreciated! 
This is the house that Robin Rowe is a crew leader on, they are scraping, painting, working on gutters and building two new porches, whew! 
Pray for stamina for all of our teams, thanks OUMC!
Otsego UMC Youth Mission Team sharing during evening devotions tonight! And celebrating Noah's birthday too!
It's a great day for a workcamp! The OUMC Youth Mission team is working hard on their REACH Mission camp, we have crews building decks and wheelchair ramps, painting houses and trailers, ripping up and replacing kitchen and bathroom flooring, painting interior rooms and more! Please keep prayers coming, for endurance, stamina and renewed energy! Following are great pics from some of our crews.
This is the beginnings of a deck from Jena's site

The Youth Mission Team had a great half day of work on Wednesday on their sites and then got to spend the rest of the day seeing some sights! We toured the battlefields of Gettysburg by Segways and got to learn so much about our country. We had an encampment dinner at the historic Farnsworth House and then got to experience a history/ghost tour around the city. We had a fun day together and will be back to work tomorrow and Friday. Prayers for stamina and energy and the ability to finish our projects by Friday night. 
We are SO proud of our OUMC Youth, they have worked very hard and we have heard from many other crew leaders about how great our kids are and how hard they are working!   
 Sam & Riley              Bit of History  
  the Boys and their awesome tour guide Gary
Pennsylvania Monument
 Pennsylvania Monument
Seguay adventure

  Please be Praying for our Amazing youth and Dedicated Youth Leaders... Thank You